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Angstrohm / Vishay

Angstrohm / Vishay

The Vishay Angstrohm product portfolio consists of Military and Industrial axial-leaded hermetic metal film resistors. These hermetically sealed resistors are moisture-proof and ideal for use in hostile environments. They feature a true glass-to-metal hermetic enclosure that seals the resistor element in an inert gas atmosphere and protects it from virtually all adverse environmental influences. Due to the high reliability and stability characteristics of Vishay Angstrohm resistors, they are used extensively in military, missile, aerospace and other applications where resistance to hostile environments is a critical parameter. Vishay Angstrohm resistors continue to be qualified to MIL-PRF-55182, characteristics C and E.The Vishay Angstrohm brand name was also previously associated with Power Rheostat products. The Rheostat product group was sold by Vishay many years ago.
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