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  • Statement of SmBom
    It is claimed by SmBom that all products sold are 100% authentic.Each product has been tested carefully before being sent to the customer. It is our aim to be responsible for our customers and make them satisfactory. Transparency is paramount in a good distributor/manufacturer relationship. It is our social responsibility to share our extensive knowledge, experience, and findings with our customers and strategic partners.
  • Quality Policy
    SmBom is committed to gratifying and astonishing customers with our customer service excellence, order accuracy and on-time delivery. This is accomplished through our commitment to continual improvement of our processes,services, products.To provide top-quality products and perfect service for customer worldwide through standardization, technological innovation and continuous improvement.The future of our organization depends on quality.
  • Testing lab support
    SmBom will ensure all the functions are no problems before the shipment. All parts will part our QC Dep., We use professional testing technology. Including function test, appearance inspection and weldability test. Ensure that all components are free of problems and meet the requirements of EU ROHS, China RoHS and relevant customers. Guarantee all components are no problems with the least risk to customer.<br/>Please feel free to contact us for any quality problems or corrective measures.
  • Environment Policy
    SmBom has been attaching importance to the environmental protection so as to prevent pollution from appearing and satisfy the need for supervision and environmental protection. We regularly communicate with and involve all interested parties in our efforts to maintain an effective environmental, health, and safety management system. We will join hands with our Customers, Manufacturers as well as the Community in order to know more about the environmental problem and support the work of optimizing the cooperative partnership, reducing the trade impact on environment as much as possible.
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