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Intel CEO: Open to Chip Manufacturing for All, Including AMD

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Intel CEO: Open to Chip Manufacturing for All, Including AMD

In the early hours of February 22nd, Intel unveiled its latest advancements in process technology at the inaugural "IFS Direct Connect" event. The announcement included the commencement of mass production for Intel 20A and Intel 18A later this year. In addition, Intel disclosed the evolution versions of Intel 14A and several professional nodes, such as Intel 3-E, Intel 3-PT, Intel 18A-P, and Intel 14A-E. Collaborations with high tower semiconductor for 65nm and United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) for 12nm processes were also highlighted, showcasing Intel's commitment to expanding its foundry business capabilities.

Microsoft, following the "IFS Direct Connect" event, revealed plans to utilize the Intel 18A process node for manufacturing a custom-designed chip.

Post the event, Intel's CEO, Pat Gelsinger, provided comprehensive insights into Intel's foundry business strategy in an interview. Gelsinger emphasized that Intel is not only dedicated to manufacturing chips for external clients using advanced process nodes but is also poised to offer complete intellectual property (IP), encompassing cutting-edge packaging technologies. Intel's openness to manufacturing chips for any company, including long-standing competitor AMD, was explicitly stated.

Acknowledging potential competition challenges from rivals leveraging Intel's advanced process technology, Gelsinger highlighted Intel's proactive approach. Last June, Intel announced the independence of its wafer fabrication business, with separate financial reporting, to optimize wafer fab capacity and enhance global customer service capabilities.

Gelsinger reiterated Intel's commitment to serving a diverse clientele, including major industry players such as NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Google, Microsoft, and AMD. The overarching goal is for Intel to emerge as a global leader in foundry services without any form of discrimination against participating entities. Moreover, Intel plans to leverage breakthroughs from its Xeon server processor team, including the hybrid bonding technology Clearwater Forest, in foundry services to facilitate the creation of powerful AI chips.

In emphasizing the accessibility of Intel's foundry services, Gelsinger expressed the company's desire to assist a broad spectrum of customers, including but not limited to, industry giants like NVIDIA, AMD, Google, and Amazon, in their chip production endeavors. Intel aims to contribute to a wider array of customer projects by providing state-of-the-art technology for the construction of robust and efficient systems.

In response to potential customer preferences for specific Intel products while desiring different chiplets, Gelsinger affirmed Intel's willingness to collaborate. The company is open to jointly developing unique versions of Clearwater Forest with customers, integrating their security chips or other I/O components. Recognizing the complementary possibilities, Intel is committed to continuing the provision of intellectual property in various formssoftware cores, hardware cores, and chipletsto meet the evolving needs of future foundry customers. This commitment is accompanied by Intel's assurance of the highest level of service quality and the establishment of trust with foundry clients.


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