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SK Hynix Debuts HBM3E: High-Performance AI Memory

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SK Hynix Debuts HBM3E: High-Performance AI Memory

March 19, 2024 – SK Hynix proudly announces the successful mass production of their revolutionary memory innovation, HBM3E*. Engineered for cutting-edge AI applications, this groundbreaking product is set to be delivered to customers starting from the end of March, marking a significant milestone achieved just seven months after the initial development announcement in August last year.

** HBM (High Bandwidth Memory): A high-value, high-performance memory that vertically interconnects multiple DRAM chips and dramatically increases data processing speed in comparison to conventional DRAM products. HBM3E, the extended version of HBM3, is the fifth generation of HBM following HBM, HBM2, HBM2E and HBM3

SK Hynix asserts, "Following the successful launch of HBM3, SK Hynix now leads the industry by being the first to deliver HBM3E, the highest-performing existing DRAM for AI applications. With the commencement of HBM3E mass production, we aim to reinforce our competitive edge in the dynamic AI memory market."

The demand for AI systems capable of rapid processing large datasets continues to escalate, prompting the need for chip packages that seamlessly integrate multiple AI processors and memory units. As global tech titans intensify investments in AI, the bar for AI chip performance continually rises. SK Hynix is confident that HBM3E will emerge as the preferred solution to meet these evolving demands.

HBM3E not only meets the requisite speed specifications for AI memory but also sets global standards in all aspects, including heat dissipation. This product boasts a peak data processing speed of 1.18 terabytes per second (TB/s), equivalent to processing 230 full high-definition (FHD) movies in a single second.

Furthermore, given the critical importance of operating AI memory at unparalleled speeds, effective heat dissipation is paramount. To address this, SK Hynix has implemented Advanced MR-MUF** technology in the new product, achieving a 10% enhancement in heat dissipation compared to the previous generation.

** MR-MUF: The process of stacking semiconductor chips, injecting liquid protective materials between them to protect the circuit between chips, and hardening them. The process has proved to be more efficient and effective for heat dissipation, compared with the method of laying film-type materials for each chip stack.


Sungsoo Ryu, Head of HBM Business at SK hynix, said that mass production of HBM3E has completed the company's lineup of industry-leading AI memory products. "With the success story of the HBM business and the strong partnership with customers that it has built for years, SK hynix will cement its position as the total AI memory provider."


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