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Top Clients to Drive TSMC 3nm Revenue to 20%

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Top Clients to Drive TSMC 3nm Revenue to 20%

According to recent reports from Taiwanese media, TSMC is experiencing a surge in demand from its key clients, including Apple, Intel, and AMD. This surge is primarily driven by the increasing orders for TSMC's advanced 3nm chips. As a result, TSMC anticipates strong sequential growth throughout the year, positioning itself as a leading force in the semiconductor industry's recovery.

Financial data indicates that TSMC's revenue contribution from 3nm technology rose to approximately 15% in the fourth quarter of last year, largely propelled by the adoption of the 3nm A17 Pro processor in Apple's iPhone 15 series. With Intel, AMD, and other major clients transitioning to TSMC's 3nm technology this year, the company expects the revenue share from 3nm chips to exceed 20%, making it the second-largest revenue contributor after 5nm technology.

Examining the current order status from the three major clients:

· Apple plans to utilize the new A18 series processors in its upcoming iPhone 16 series, along with the introduction of the M4 series Mac processor, both manufactured using TSMC's 3nm technology starting in the second quarter of this year.

· Intel is set to commence mass production of its Lunar Lake CPUs, GPUs, high-speed I/O chips, and others at TSMC in the second quarter. This marks Intel's first comprehensive outsourcing of its mainstream consumer platform chips to TSMC, potentially incorporating 3nm technology cores and representing a significant source of new orders for TSMC in 2024.

· AMD is gearing up to unveil its new Zen 5 architecture platform, codenamed "Nirvana," expected to deliver substantial advancements in AI applications. These chips, manufactured using TSMC's 3nm technology, are slated for release in the latter half of the year.


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