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ASML NXE:3600D Upgrades Yield 22% Efficiency Gain

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ASML NXE:3600D Upgrades Yield 22% Efficiency Gain

According to recent reports by Dutch media, ASML, a prominent player in lithography equipment manufacturing, has unveiled its latest innovation, the NXE:3800E. This third-generation EUV lithography system integrates advancements from the next generation High-NA EUV lithography machines, resulting in notable enhancements in operational efficiency.

ASML commenced deliveries of the NXE:3800E in mid-March. Despite maintaining a 0.33 numerical aperture lens, this system boasts significantly improved performance and accuracy compared to its predecessor. Achieving a processing speed of 195 wafers per hour marks a 22% increase from its predecessor's capabilities, with the potential to further elevate to 220 wafers per hour. Notably, the NXE:3800E delivers a remarkable wafer alignment accuracy of less than 1.1nm, positioning it as a key player in supporting chip manufacturing for future advancements such as 3nm and 2nm technologies.

ASML's strategic vision for the evolution of EUV lithography encompasses wider light cones and optimized optical system magnification to mitigate light loss during exposure. Despite maintaining unchanged mask dimensions, these innovations enhance overall efficiency. ASML's engineering team has also developed a new rapid workpiece stage motion system compatible with various numerical aperture systems, ensuring seamless integration and efficiency gains.

In addition to operational advancements, the NXE:3800E embodies ASML's commitment to sustainability. ASML reports that the system offers significant energy savings, with an estimated reduction in overall energy consumption by approximately 20% to 25%.


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