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AMD to Shift to UCIe for Chiplet Construction

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AMD to Shift to UCIe for Chiplet Construction

AMD, a leading processor manufacturer, has long been at the forefront of innovation, pioneering Chiplet design and utilizing its proprietary Infinity Fabric high-speed interconnect technology in its chips. However, the company is now considering embracing the Universal Chiplet Interconnect (UCIe) standard, jointly initiated by itself and other major tech companies including Intel.

Presently, AMD employs its Infinity Fabric technology to interconnect Chiplets in its EPYC, Ryzen, and Instinct MI300 series chips. Despite its effectiveness, this approach faces challenges such as latency and inefficiency. Additionally, as Infinity Fabric is proprietary to AMD, it restricts interoperability with third-party Chiplets, potentially causing compatibility issues.

In contrast, the UCIe standard, led by Intel, aims to establish an open and interoperable standard for high-speed Chiplet interconnectivity. This standard enables Chiplets from various vendors to be seamlessly integrated into a single package through advanced packaging techniques.

AMD envisions UCIe as the cornerstone of a robust Chiplet ecosystem, offering third-party manufacturers the opportunity to develop modular Chiplets. This approach empowers customers to focus on core Chiplet development while leveraging a variety of modules from different suppliers that adhere to the UCIe standard. This flexibility facilitates rapid product development and offers a myriad of customization options.

While AMD has shown interest in adopting the UCIe standard for Chiplet construction, the formal introduction of related products remains subject to further observation and deliberation.


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