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Infineon & Wolfspeed Extend SiC Wafer Supply Pact

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Infineon & Wolfspeed Extend SiC Wafer Supply Pact

On January 25th, Infineon and Wolfspeed jointly announced the expansion and extension of their enduring partnership, solidifying the silicon carbide (SiC) supply chain's resilience. This strategic move includes an extension of the long-term agreement signed in 2018, covering the supply of 6-inch silicon carbide wafers, along with a multi-year capacity reservation agreement. The collaboration aims to meet the escalating demand for silicon carbide semiconductors across diverse sectors such as automotive, solar energy, electric vehicles, and energy storage systems.

Jochen Hanebeck, CEO of Infineon, underscored the remarkable 20-year collaboration with Wolfspeed, emphasizing its pivotal role in introducing silicon carbide to markets like automotive and industrial, contributing to advancements in low-carbon processes. This extended partnership further enhances Infineon's supply chain resilience in anticipation of future demands.

Infineon emphasized the rapid growth in the demand for silicon carbide power solutions and their ability to enable smaller, lighter, and cost-effective designs while efficiently converting energy. The company is dedicated to cultivating a diversified supplier base to ensure access to high-quality silicon carbide substrates, essential for supporting the expanding applications in clean energy.

In addition to extending the agreement with Wolfspeed, Infineon recently announced a collaboration with silicon carbide supplier SK Siltron CSS, a subsidiary of SK Siltron and a member of the SK Group.

As part of the agreement, SK Siltron CSS will provide competitive and high-quality 6-inch SiC wafers to support Infineon's SiC semiconductor production. In subsequent phases, SK Siltron CSS will play a pivotal role in facilitating Infineon's transition to 8-inch wafers. These collaborations represent a strategic effort to fortify the silicon carbide supply chain and meet the evolving demands of emerging markets.


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