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Western Digital and Kioxia to Resume Merger Talks in Late April

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Western Digital and Kioxia to Resume Merger Talks in Late April

Reports indicate that discussions for the merger between semiconductor manufacturers Western Digital (WDC.US) and Kioxia are slated to recommence by the end of April. Notably, these negotiations experienced a setback in October of the previous year, primarily due to opposition from SK Hynix, a significant player in the semiconductor industry based in South Korea. SK Hynix, with investments in Kioxia and serving as a direct competitor to both Western Digital and Kioxia, played a pivotal role in the breakdown of the talks.

Since 2021, the merger negotiations between Western Digital and Kioxia have been characterized by intermittent pauses. SK Hynix had previously articulated reservations about the proposed merger of Kioxia and Western Digital's flash memory businesses, expressing concerns regarding the potential impact on the overall investment value of the entities involved.

In a strategic move announced in June 2022, Western Digital disclosed its exploration of strategic options, including the potential separation of its flash memory and HDD (hard disk drive) businesses. Notably, this decision followed the revelation in May 2022 by Elliott Management, an assertive investment firm, of its holdings in Western Digital. Elliott Management actively advocated for the exploration of opportunities for business separation within the company.


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