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Apple Explores 2nm Chips with TSMC's N2 Technology

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Apple Explores 2nm Chips with TSMC's N2 Technology

Recent reports unveil Apple's strategic collaboration with TSMC for the development of cutting-edge chips utilizing the upcoming 2nm N2 technology. A leaked document from South Korea sheds light on Apple's exploration of "TS5nm, TS3nm," and the ongoing research on "TS2nm."

Apple's flagship A17 Pro and M3 series chips currently leverage TSMC's advanced 3nm process, resulting in notable enhancements in GPU and CPU speeds. TSMC is actively engaged in the advancement of 2nm, 1.8nm, and 1.4nm processes, with expectations for the 1.4nm chip to potentially debut by 2027. The 2nm node from TSMC is anticipated to feature the innovative GAA (Gate-All-Around) transistor technology.

Insiders predict Apple securing exclusive access to TSMC's 2nm production capacity, with production likely commencing in the latter half of 2025. In comparison to the 3nm process, the 2nm process is poised to deliver a substantial 10% to 15% boost in performance under similar power consumption conditions or achieve a noteworthy 25% to 30% reduction in power consumption at equivalent computational speeds.

TSMC is actively establishing two 2nm chip fabrication plants, with the P1 Fab located in the Hsinchu Science Park slated to initiate equipment installation as early as April 2024. The Kaohsiung Fab is expected to follow suit, with production set to commence in 2025. Furthermore, plans are underway for a third 2nm plant, the P2 Fab in Hsinchu, with official confirmation anticipated later this year.


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