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ESP8266 VFD Clock: Smart POS Upgrade

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ESP8266 VFD Clock: Smart POS Upgrade

Enhance your POS system with the fusion of ESP8266 and a VFD customer display, creating a sophisticated and functional smart clock. The VFD module, sourced from an antiquated POS cash register, boasts a two-line, 2002 display, powered by a simple 5V supply with an overall energy consumption of approximately 2W. Notably, the display intelligently powers down from 10 PM to 6 AM for energy efficiency.


The modification process is streamlined for accessibility. By removing a single transistor and bridging two solder points, the VFD seamlessly transitions from RS232 to TTL, simplifying the integration process.


The ESP8266, specifically the ESP8266-01 module, further enhances the system. With a minimal connection requirement of power and TX to the VFD, it effortlessly displays relevant information.


To support the ESP8266, a custom base is recommended, requiring basic soldering skills. The base includes a MicroUSB female connector, 1117 voltage regulator, and necessary capacitors and resistors. 




A strategically placed hole in the back exposes the MicroUSB for seamless connectivity.


Notable features include:



NTP clock synchronization for precise timekeeping

WIFIManager for hassle-free network configuration

OTA upgrades for easy firmware updates

The display is optimized for user interaction, showcasing the date and time on the first line and additional information on the second line. This can include real-time updates on CBA game progress, temperature, wind speed, and air quality statistics.

The information on the second line originally involved UTF-8 to GBK conversion for ESP8266-01, and issues with inconvenient modifications, requiring computer operations.

Here are the VFD module commands:

1. Reset

Clears all characters on the screen.

Format: 1Fh

2. Switch to normal display mode: 11h

3. Switch to vertical scrolling mode: 12h

4. Line feed: 0Ah

5. Carriage return: 0Dh

6. Cursor position selection: 10h → (P) Moves the cursor to the P position (from 1 to 20 for the first line, and 21 to 40 for the second line).

7. Character scrolling:

Scrolls up to 25 consecutive characters.

Format: 05h → **** → 0Ah

Note: After executing command No.7, to display characters normally, the reset command must be executed first.

E.g., 05h → **** → 0Ah → 1Fh → ****

Special considerations:

· The VFD module uses GBK font, ensuring compatibility with computers. However, on the ESP8266, UTF-8 to GBK conversion may be necessary.

· Baud rate is set to 9600 for efficient communication.

· To minimize screen blackout during updates, it's recommended to use algorithms that update specific positions rather than the entire line.

· Explore the vast possibilities of this ESP8266 and VFD integration, seamlessly blending modern technology with legacy systems for a powerful and versatile smart clock solution.


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