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Samsung Eyes MUF Tech in Next-Gen RDIMM Servers

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Samsung Eyes MUF Tech in Next-Gen RDIMM Servers

As per reports from the South Korean industry, Samsung is currently exploring the incorporation of Mold Under Fill (MUF) technology in its forthcoming DRAM iteration. Currently, Samsung utilizes Thermal Compression Non-Conductive Film (TC NCF) in its existing RDIMM server memory. However, insiders suggest a recent transition to Mass Reflow (MR) MUF processes in 3D Stacked RDIMM, showing enhanced throughput compared to TC NCF albeit with some compromise in physical properties.

MUF technology involves creating numerous minuscule perforations on a semiconductor, followed by the injection of material between connected semiconductors through Through-Silicon Via (TSV) technology. The purpose is to securely anchor and connect multiple semiconductors in a vertical stack. Test results indicate MUF's unsuitability for High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM) at high frequencies but its compatibility with 3D Stacked RDIMM. Presently, 3D Stacked RDIMM employs Silicon Through-Silicon Via (TSV) technology, primarily for server applications.

Samsung's chip division plans a collaboration with Samsung SDI to develop in-house MUF compounds, having already placed orders for the requisite molding equipment. While Samsung plans to persist with TC NCF in HBM, it is anticipated that Micron will adopt a similar strategy to mitigate warping issues post multi-wafer stacking.


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