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ASML Ships 3rd Gen NXE:3800E Litho at $180M Each

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ASML Ships 3rd Gen NXE:3800E Litho at $180M Each

According to recent reports from international sources, ASML, a prominent manufacturer of lithography machines, has commenced the delivery of its latest third-generation standard extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography machine, dubbed Twinscan NXE:3800E. This advanced system, equipped with a 0.33 numerical aperture lens, is poised to support the production of semiconductor chips at 3nm and 2nm nodes in the coming years.

The Twinscan NXE:3800E introduces significant enhancements in performance and precision compared to its predecessor. With an impressive wafer processing rate of up to 195 wafers per hour, marking a notable 22% improvement over the previous model, it promises to elevate manufacturing efficiency. Furthermore, its capability to achieve wafer alignment accuracy of less than 1.1nm is set to revolutionize sub-3nm processes and optimize the production of 2nm chips, particularly those necessitating double exposure techniques.

The heightened precision of the Twinscan NXE:3800E holds promise for driving advancements in chip manufacturing processes below 3nm, enhancing the efficacy of 2nm chip production, and refining double exposure manufacturing techniques. Additionally, its potential to optimize the production of 4nm or 5nm chips underscores its versatility and cost-effectiveness in semiconductor fabrication.

Despite its premium pricing, estimated at around $180 million per unit, the Twinscan NXE:3800E presents a compelling value proposition when compared to ASML's latest High-NA EUV offering, which commands a significantly higher price tag of up to $380 million. This underscores ASML's ongoing commitment to advancing both standard EUV technology and its cutting-edge High-NA EUV systems.

Looking ahead, ASML remains dedicated to the continual evolution of EUV technology. Anticipated releases such as the Twinscan NXE:4000F EUV lithography machine, slated for introduction in 2026, underscore the company's steadfast commitment to driving innovation and shaping the future of semiconductor manufacturing.


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