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AUIPS7091GTR: Features, Specs & More

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AUIPS7091GTR: Features, Specs & More

In the dynamic realm of automotive electronics, precision and reliability are paramount. Among the many components that drive innovation in this field, the Infineon Technologies AUIPS7091GTR stands out as a versatile and high-performance solution. In this comprehensive article, we'll delve into the intricacies of the AUIPS7091GTR, uncovering its definition, key features, specifications, applications, and a closer look at its manufacturer.

AUIPS7091GTR's Overview

The AUIPS7091GTR is a current limit switch designed to meet the rigorous demands of the automotive industry. This sophisticated device boasts a single input and output, with a voltage range spanning from 6V to 28V. With a maximum output current of 1.5A and robust features such as automotive AEC-Q100 qualification, it's engineered to excel in challenging environments.

Key Features

Let's delve into the standout features that make AUIPS7091GTR a game-changer:

· With one input and one output, AUIPS7091GTR simplifies circuit design while maintaining efficiency.

· Boasting a maximum output current of 1.5A, this device ensures ample power delivery for automotive systems.

· From chilling -40°C to scorching 150°C, AUIPS7091GTR operates flawlessly in extreme environmental conditions.

· With a mere 80mΩ of switch on resistance, it minimizes power losses and enhances overall efficiency.

· Packaged in an 8-pin SOIC, AUIPS7091GTR offers space-saving advantages without compromising performance.



Now, let's delve into the technical specifications that make the AUIPS7091GTR a standout choice for electronic projects:



Number of Inputs


Number of Outputs


Maximum Output Current (A)


Minimum Input Voltage (V)


Maximum Input Voltage (V)


Switch On Resistance (MOhm)


Maximum Power Dissipation (mW)


Minimum Operating Temperature (°C)


Maximum Operating Temperature (°C)



Tape and Reel


Surface Mount

Package Height


Package Width


Package Length


PCB changed


Standard Package Name


Supplier Package


Pin Count


Lead Shape




The versatility of the AUIPS7091GTR transcends mere specifications, finding its utility across various automotive applications, including but not limited to:

· Power Management Systems: Regulating current flow and protecting vital components within power management circuits.

· Battery Management: Ensuring optimal charging and discharging of batteries to maximize their lifespan and efficiency.

· Electric Vehicle Systems: Facilitating safe and efficient operation within the intricate electrical networks of electric vehicles.


AUIPS7091GTR's Manufacturer

Established in 1999, Infineon Technologies has emerged as a global leader in semiconductor solutions, pioneering innovations that power various industries worldwide. Headquartered in Neubiberg, Germany, the company has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of modern electronics. Infineon specializes in designing and manufacturing advanced semiconductor technologies, encompassing power management, automotive electronics, industrial applications, and security solutions.


In conclusion, the Infineon Technologies AUIPS7091GTR represents the pinnacle of automotive electronics, combining cutting-edge features with unparalleled reliability. Whether powering essential systems like electronic power steering or illuminating the road ahead with precision LED lighting, this current limit switch sets the benchmark for efficiency and innovation in the automotive industry.


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