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Huawei Denies Mate 60 Series Production Halt Rumors

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Huawei Denies Mate 60 Series Production Halt Rumors

With the revival of the Kirin 5G chipset, the Huawei Mate 60 series emerges as a pivotal moment in the smartphone market landscape. However, recent reports from reputable sources indicate a potential shift in focus towards the upcoming flagship, the P70 series.

Insiders suggest that while production of the Mate 60 series might see a reduction, Huawei remains committed to providing continued support for existing models while transitioning towards their latest offerings.

Contrary to circulating rumors, Huawei clarifies that there are no plans to discontinue the Mate 60 series, reassuring consumers of uninterrupted availability.

Additionally, reports hint at the Huawei P70 series possibly commencing pre-sales on March 23, 2024, with official sales starting on April 7. Rumored pricing details for the P70 Art edition have surfaced, adding to the anticipation surrounding the launch.

Huawei's proactive measures to adjust its supply chain ensure a seamless transition to the new product line, aimed at maintaining optimal availability and customer satisfaction.

Previously, industry insiders speculated a potential delay in the release of the P70 series until April, featuring a lineup comprising the P70 standard edition, P70 Pro, and P70 Art.


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