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Samsung Triples 3nm Yield, Still Lags TSMC

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Samsung Triples 3nm Yield, Still Lags TSMC

Samsung is dedicated to enhancing the efficiency of its 3nm GAA technology, with reports indicating a threefold increase in yield rates. The latest figures range between 30% to 60%, a significant leap from the previous 10% to 20%. Despite this progress, Samsung continues to trail behind its competitor, TSMC.

As TSMC ramps up its monthly production of 3nm wafers to approximately 100,000 units, Samsung faces an uphill battle to catch up in the foundry market.

Recent reports highlight Samsung's intensified focus on its second-generation 3nm GAA technology. Leaks suggest notable enhancements in power efficiency, performance, and logic area, positioning Samsung's yield rates on par with TSMC's N3P node.

While Samsung currently caters to orders for cryptocurrency mining hardware utilizing the 3nm GAA process, the company's efforts to diversify its clientele remain relatively subdued, leaving many companies to continue relying on TSMC.

An earlier analysis underscores the necessity for Samsung to raise its yield rates to 70% to regain the trust of previous clients, including Qualcomm.

Rumors are circulating about Samsung's attempts to attract clients away from TSMC once again. Speculation arises regarding Samsung's potential to secure orders for Meta's next-generation AI chip fabrication, leveraging a cutting-edge 2nm process.

Recent reports reveal discussions between Meta and Samsung during Meta CEO Zuckerberg's visit to South Korea. According to Korean media reports, Zuckerberg also revealed Meta's dependence on TSMC, but the current situation is "unstable", mainly due to TSMC's constrained capacity, which may pose long-term challenges to Meta's supply chain.


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