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Rapidus: $90M Investment in Semiconductor Tech

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Rapidus: $90M Investment in Semiconductor Tech

Japanese semiconductor company Rapidus is strategically investing in semiconductor equipment to operationalize a pilot line slated for launch next year. The company's vision is to pioneer the mass production of 2nm semiconductors by 2027, with prototype production scheduled to commence next year. Through this investment initiative, Rapidus anticipates achieving a monthly capacity of several thousand 2nm wafers.

Insiders have disclosed that Rapidus plans to allocate $90 million towards semiconductor equipment procurement this year, followed by a substantial $600 million investment next year to establish a 2nm semiconductor pilot line. This pilot line, a critical prelude to full-scale production, is essential for Rapidus, which lacks prior semiconductor production experience, to enhance its manufacturing capabilities.

Industry projections suggest that Rapidus will inaugurate a pilot line with a monthly output of fewer than 3000 wafers next year while simultaneously advancing its process technology.

Industry observers assert that Rapidus's foray into the manufacturing sector is poised to introduce nuanced dynamics to the market. They emphasize that Rapidus's focus diverges from established foundry companies like TSMC and Samsung Electronics, instead prioritizing the production of 'wafer-level' semiconductors tailored for diverse small-batch production needs. This strategic approach is well-suited for early semiconductor development endeavors by companies devoid of wafer fabrication facilities.

In parallel, Rapidus is diligently pursuing the development of 1nm semiconductor technology, with aspirations for mass production by 2030.

Founded in August 2022 by eight prominent Japanese corporations, including Toyota, KAI-X, Sony, NTT, SoftBank, NEC, Denso, and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Rapidus is steadfastly committed to localized advancements in cutting-edge semiconductor production.


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