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China's New Standards May Ban Intel, AMD Chips

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China's New Standards May Ban Intel, AMD Chips

According to foreign media reports, China has introduced procurement requirements that may imply a ban on government computers using Intel and AMD semiconductors.

This procurement requirement, jointly released by the Chinese Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, suggests that government personal computers and servers will gradually cease to use microprocessors from these two American companies.

Under the outlined standards, government entities above the township level, as well as affiliated institutions receiving direct support from township-level party committees and governments, are required to include CPUs and operating systems meeting specified security and reliability criteria in their procurement specifications for desktop computers. The primary objective behind these standards is to prioritize domestically manufactured products, thereby reducing reliance on Microsoft Windows operating systems and foreign-made database software.

It has been reported that Chinese government agencies have commenced adherence to these procurement standards.

Potential ramifications may affect the AMD supply chain, implicating key manufacturers such as TSMC, Foxconn, Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology, and Taisil Electronic, among others.

As of now, neither Intel nor AMD has issued any official response to these developments.


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