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UMC Lands Major iPhone Chip Contract

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UMC Lands Major iPhone Chip Contract

UMC has recently clinched a significant manufacturing deal for pivotal chips within the antenna modules of Apple's latest iPhone models. This development underscores UMC's continued success in securing crucial contracts within the tech giant's supply chain.

While UMC refrains from commenting on specific clients or market speculation, it is understood that the recent contract originates from Qorvo, a key supplier of power amplifiers (PA) to Apple. Qorvo's collaboration with UMC involves the integration of new chips into iPhone antenna components, utilizing UMC's cutting-edge 3DIC technology for manufacturing.

Traditionally, Qorvo's own PA products are manufactured by GaAs foundries; however, this collaboration marks a strategic shift towards silicon-based chip materials, with UMC emerging as the preferred manufacturing partner. The chips in question are sourced from Anokiwave, a wireless communications chip manufacturer recently acquired by Qorvo. These chips are expected to significantly enhance the reception capabilities of Apple's flagship device.

As smartphones continue to evolve with AI functionalities, Apple's decision to incorporate Anokiwave's products into the next generation of iPhone antenna modules reflects a strategic move to enhance performance.

Qorvo's emphasis on the benefits brought by Anokiwave underscores the potential for highly integrated solutions that cater to evolving consumer needs. By strategically integrating Anokiwave's products and partnering with UMC for manufacturing, Qorvo ensures a seamless supply chain while advancing technological capabilities.


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