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Flyco Shavers: Lithium Upgrade Enhancements

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Flyco Shavers: Lithium Upgrade Enhancements

The Flyco brand of electric shavers maintains a commendable reputation. However, due to cost constraints, there have been some concerns regarding product quality, particularly with regards to rusting of the blade heads and mesh components.

In this endeavor, the primary focus lies in enhancing the device through the adoption of lithium batteries, upgrading the control board, and implementing improvements to the charging mechanism.

Accompanying the modifications is a detailed circuit diagram, providing clear insights into the internal workings of the device.

Circuit Diagram


First, dismantle the machine. The disassembly process is meticulously outlined, ensuring that each component is handled with care. 


Notably, specialized techniques are employed to prepare guide grooves for subsequent steps. Once all the parts are removed, utilize a flashlight switch. Guide grooves are treated and set aside for later use.



An in-depth breakdown of the main control board components is provided, underscoring the meticulous attention to detail in this project. 


The incorporation of two parallel-connected lithium batteries, boasting a combined capacity of 1200mAH, promises enhanced performance and longevity.





A key solution: Increase battery life, directly charge with 5V, and allow for reverse insertion.


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