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2024 Tomb Sweeping Day Holiday Notice

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2024 Tomb Sweeping Day Holiday Notice

Dear valued customers,


Tomb Sweeping day, as known as Qingming Festival, is one of the Chinese traditional festivals celebrated on April 4th to observed to honor ancestors by visiting their graves, cleaning tombs, and offering sacrifices. According to relevant regulations and the actual situation of our company, we hereby inform you of the 2024 Tomb Sweeping day holidays arrangement as follows:

Please note that our company will hold holidays for 3 days from 4th (Thursday) to 6th (Saturday) April, 2024. Normal business will resume on 7th April 2024 (Sunday).

Please kindly communicate with your sales representative in advance to make necessary arrangements for product stocking.

Throughout the holiday season, our online platform will remain active for order placement. While for any sales inquiries and supports, we will responsed it as soon as possible once we resume work.

Thank you for your understanding and support.


April 1, 2024

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