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TSMC US Factory: Early Mass Production by Year-end

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TSMC US Factory: Early Mass Production by Year-end

Recent reports indicate that TSMC's forthcoming semiconductor facility in Arizona, USA, is making significant strides towards its operational debut. Scheduled for a mid-April initiation of its maiden production line trial, the plant aims to conclude all preparatory measures for full-scale manufacturing by year-end. If progress continues as anticipated, there's potential for an acceleration of the original mass production timeline from the first half of 2025 to the latter part of 2024.

According to sources, the Arizona facility is currently in the final stages of preparations, targeting the setup of its initial production line by mid-April, followed by the commencement of trial production with the first wafers. With an estimated timeline of approximately 6.5 months from trial to mass production, alongside an additional validation period of one month, the facility aims to be production-ready by year-end. Successful operation during this phase will lay a strong foundation for future expansion and development.

TSMC has officially addressed these reports, affirming on April 1st that progress at the Arizona semiconductor plant aligns with the established timeline, with official announcements serving as the authoritative source of information.

Market analysts foresee a steady increase in TSMC's global production capacity, bolstered by contributions from Japan, Germany, and the newly established US facility. Projections indicate that by 2028, overseas production could constitute approximately 20% of TSMC's total capacity, with the potential for further augmentation in line with overseas investment incentives, enhancing the company's market presence and client relationships.

Upon commencement of operations, the Arizona facility is poised to attract orders from major chip design companies in the US, including prominent names like Apple, Nvidia, AMD, and Qualcomm.

During a recent press briefing, TSMC outlined plans for the Arizona facility to commence mass production utilizing 4nm process technology in the first half of 2025. The company expresses confidence that once operational, the plant will uphold manufacturing standards and reliability on par with its Taiwan counterparts, ensuring quality outcomes for global semiconductor demands.


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