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Upgrade QCY T1S: DIY Wireless Charging Mod

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Upgrade QCY T1S: DIY Wireless Charging Mod

Bluetooth earphones QCY T1S boast impressive sound quality and a commendable battery life. Despite these features, the inconvenience of relying on a MicroUSB charging cable has prompted the need for a wireless charging modification. Here's a detailed guide on how to enhance these earphones with wireless charging capabilities:

Modification Process:

1. Gather Necessary Materials:

Obtain a wireless charging pad suitable for the modification.


Ensure compatibility with the QCY T1S earphones.


2. Disassemble the Charging Pad:

Carefully take apart the charging pad to expose the induction coil and its accompanying circuit board.


Identify the key components and connections.


3. Test Compatibility:

Check if the extracted components fit seamlessly into the QCY T1S battery compartment.

Verify functionality by testing with a Xiaomi 10W wireless charger. A glowing green light should indicate successful compatibility.


4. Soldering and Installation:

Begin the soldering process to securely attach the induction coil and circuit board to the earphones.

Ensure the components are properly connected and aligned.

Test the modified earphones with a wireless charger to confirm that the installation is successful.

5. Reassemble the Earphones:

Reconstruct the earphones, making sure all components are securely in place.

Be cautious during the reassembly to avoid any damage to the modified components.


6. Final Testing:

Perform a final test to ensure that the wireless charging feature works reliably.

Check for any potential issues and troubleshoot as necessary.

7. Enjoy Wireless Charging:

Once the modification is confirmed to be successful, you can now enjoy the convenience of wireless charging for your QCY T1S earphones


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